HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork - Participant Kit


VITAL™ Packaged Training Program features:

  • Curriculum: Integrated
  • Objective: Enhanced Interpersonal Skills
  • Program Length: Three Days/Flexible Training Options
  • Learning Tracks: Frontline, Leadership

It has been shown that better interpersonal skills lead to better organizational performance. By understanding your own preferences and those of the people you work with, you can be more supportive, communicate more effectively, and accomplish more within your daily routine. HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork provides participants with the essential skills and knowledge to function effectively with others within their organization and their team.

Participant materials required to support the training program include a powerful collection of practical information and tools. Each HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork™ (HIT) Participant Kit contains:

Participant Workbook
Five Practical Guidebooks
Coaching Through Effective Feedback
Meetings That Work!
Step-By-Step Problem Solving 
Success Through Teamwork
Team Decision-Making Techniques 
Online Tools (CD or E-Mail Attachment)
  Certificate of Completion 
Pre-Work Package
DiSC® Classic—Personal Profile Assessment

Team Member Skills Assessment