Meetings That Work! - Participant Kit


Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Meetings  

VITALâ„¢ Packaged Training Program features:

  • Curriculum: Topic-Specific Program
  • Objective: Increased Productivity and Commitment 
  • Program Length: Half-Day
  • Learning Tracks: Frontline, Leadership

Poorly planned meetings often result in unclear goals and objectives which inevitably lead to other time consuming, non-productive meetings down the road. In contrast, well-conducted meetings are powerful communication tools that improve productivity, encourage team involvement, and build commitment. And, as with other tools, there are certain procedures and techniques you can use to maximize effectiveness. Meetings That Work! provides practical examples and proven methods on the three essential stages of preparing, conducting, and evaluating meetings, and for building team success.

Participant materials required to support the training program are user-friendly with information and tools that can be put into practice immediately. Each Meetings That Work! Participant Kit includes:

Participant Workbook
Meetings That Work! Practical Guidebook