Optimizing Individual Performance During Change-Participant Kit


Your Role In Making Change Work    

VITAL™ Packaged Training Program features:

  • Curriculum: Topic Specific
  • Objective: Managing Change Effectively
  • Program Length: Half-Day
  • Learning Track: Frontline

During a period of transition—growth, reorganization, system implementation, new leadership—it is the individuals who respond quickly to the new requirements while maintaining high performance who are the most successful within the organization. Their support is vital to the success of the change initiative and the organization overall. Optimizing Individual Performance During Change enables organizations to help their people manage change. Following this program, participants will be able to put change into perspective and develop their own plan to create a smooth and successful transition within the organization.

Participant materials required to support the training program are user-friendly with information and tools that can be put into practice immediately. Each Optimizing Individual Performance During Change Participant Kit includes:

Participant Workbook
Two Practical Guidebooks
Re-Creating Teams During Transitions 
Mastering Change Management