Sharing Feedback With Style - Facilitator Kit


Handling Difficult Conversations Effectively  

VITAL™ Packaged Training Program features:

  • Curriculum: Topic Specific
  • Objective: Providing Effective Feedback
  • Program Length: Half-Day
  • Learning Tracks: Frontline, Leadership

Effective communication is the essence of successful teamwork and improved organizational performance. It promotes clear understanding, accurate interpretation, and purposeful action. Challenges arise when individuals and team members communicate in unintended ways or misinterpret each other's messages. In this program, participants not only learn how to "tune in" to communication cues and develop active listening techniques but also, how to positively influence behaviors and improve situations through feedback. Following a powerful four-step Feedback Planner, they learn how to plan, prepare, and deliver the feedback that will help others understand the impact and consequences of their current behaviors and address areas needing improvement.

The easy-to-use Sharing Feedback With Style Facilitator Kit includes materials listed below and must be purchased to order Participant Kits:

Facilitator Guide 
 Presentation (CD or eMail Attachment)
Online Tools (CD or eMail Attachment)
Participant Kit