Success Through Teamwork - Facilitator Kit


Resolving Conflict And Building Consensus  

VITAL™ Packaged Training Program features:

  • Curriculum: Topic Specific
  • Objective: Address and Resolve Differences Effectively
  • Program Length: Half-Day
  • Learning Tracks: Frontline, Leadership

Differences are a part of life. Although they provide new ideas and create new possibilities for teams, they can also lead to negative outcomes on the job. Differences, disagreements, and conflicts are inevitable and not inherently good or bad, their value to teams depends on the way they are perceived and managed. Teams can build upon the opportunities that diversity provides to draw out each individual's strengths and unique abilities for the greater good of the organization. In Success Through Teamwork, participants learn to apply the appropriate tools and techniques to address differences, resolve conflicts, and make decisions to reach team goals.

The easy-to-use Success Through Teamwork Facilitator Kit includes materials listed below and must be purchased to order Participant Kits:

Facilitator Guide 
 Presentation (CD or E-Mail Attachment)
Online Tools (CD or E-Mail Attachment)
Team Decision-Making Techniques 
Practical Guidbook 
Participant Kit